governance gov‧er‧nance [ˈgʌvənəns ǁ -vər-] noun [uncountable]
also corporate governance COMMERCE the way a company is managed at the highest level:

• There is growing interest by institutional investors in the governance of companies in which they own stock.

• At the shareholders' meeting, directors should expect questions about corporate governance, executive pay and internal financial controls.

ˌclinical ˈgovernance
the way healthcare is managed at the highest level

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governance UK US /ˈgʌvənənts/ noun [U]
the way in which an organization is managed at the highest level, and the systems for doing this: »

a company with a reputation for good governance

governance of sth »

We have tried to strengthen the position of shareholders in the governance of the corporation.


a governance structure/system/model


governance costs/practices/reform


global/public/political governance

See also CLINICAL GOVERNANCE(Cf. ↑clinical governance), CORPORATE GOVERNANCE(Cf. ↑corporate governance)

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